A Tale Of Two Brothers

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Mike Donner

CAST: Josh Conners, Cutter West, J.D. DeMarco, Jim Buck, Kyle McKenna, Logan Reed, Nik Angelo, Matthew Easton, and Tyler Flannery

Jim Buck is fucking Josh Conners and reminding him that he is nothing but a two bit whore the entire time. Josh takes on his cock though and lets Jim have his way with him because that’s exactly what he is. After he blows his load Jim tells Josh to clean up and get out of his house adding, “The money is on the dresser.â€ï¿½ Jim was adopted by a wealthy family as a child, but his birth parents were also quite rich and left him a sizable inheritance. According to his lawyer though, the only way he can get his hands on the money is by finding his long lost brother. Jim decides to go out in search of his brother, but when his car breaks down in the desert he finds himself wandering the dunes in search of help. Lost and dehydrated Jim sees three statuesque men standing on a hilltop naked with masks to covering their faces. As he approaches them, the three men (Cutter West, Nick Angelo and Kyle McKenna) begin to have sex. Kyle takes turns servicing Cutter and Nick with the desert sun beating down on their tan bodies. Nick bends Kyle over and fucks him while Cutter fucks his face. Jim approaches the three men, but when he reaches out to touch them they disappear and were only a figment of his imagination. Jim returns to the desert road where he left his car and finds someone to give him a ride so he can call for help with his car. At a house in the middle of the desert, blond boy Tyler Flannery is sucking off Logan Reed. After getting Logan good and hard Tyler flips over to give Logan a look at his pink hole. Logan fingers and tongues Tyler until he’s ready for a hard fucking. Jim arrives at the house just in time to see the finale of the fuck where Logan sprays Tyler down with his cum. Logan yells at Tyler to get his faggot ass out of the house after he is finished using him as a fuck toy. There isn’t a shop to fix Jim’s car in the area. Matthew Easton, one of the brother’s whose house he’s been taken to volunteers to see what he can do to get it running. Matthew explains that Logan is his brother, and JD, who gave Jim a ride to the house is his step brother and Tyler is JD’s best friend. About that time Tyler returns and runs inside to see JD where it becomes obvious that they are much more than friends. Tyler and JD sneak into the bedroom and have sex with one another. Tyler and JD begin to kiss and suck one another. Eventually Tyler lets JD fuck him until they both cum. The two lovers lay in bed afterwards holding one another quietly. Meanwhile, Matthew has taken Jim out to the desert to show him how nice it can be. They are laying on a blanket sunning themselves when Matthew decides to strip down and get a full tan. When Jim strips down Matthew comments on Jim’s pierced cock and asks if he can play with it. With Jim’s permission, Matthew quickly goes down on him and works his cock until it’s nice and hard. The two 69 until they both shoot there loads. But while they are still enjoying the warmth of the desert sun, Logan shows up and throws a rock that his Jim in the head. Matthew tells his brother that he had better run and never come back. Jim explains to Matthew, who just told his brother to get out of his life, that he came to the desert looking for his long lost brother. Back at the house Jim and Matthew are able to finish what they started in the desert. After enjoying sucking his pierced dick, Matthew is eager to see what it feels like fucking his ass. In the end Jim finds his long lost brother where he least suspected and manages to fall in love at the same time.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Fetish, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Hairy, Jock, and Amateur

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