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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Drew Nolan, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Jake Cannon, Marcus Day, Ricki Starr, and Troy Halston

Jake Cannon had it all, a beautiful home and sexy boyfriend Troy Halston. The two are relaxing at their home in San Diego when some simple kissing leads to Jake sucking off his sexy blond boyfriend. As the intensity heats up Troy rips Jake’s pants off of him and eagerly rim’s Jake’s pink hole until he’s begging to be fucked. After giving him the drilling he’s been waiting for Troy unloads his cum all over Jake smooth chest.

But it turns out that it was all a lie and Troy has been screwing around with Ethan Michael Ayers on the side and when Jake walks in on the two in the middle of sucking one another he realizes that his relationship is over. Ethan and Troy carry on though oblivious to what has happened and the two end up 69ing with Ethan expertly rimming Troy’s ass while Troy eagerly sucks Ethan’s cock pushing him over the edge before the two ever get around to fucking.

When Jake confronts Troy about cheating on him Troy just kicks him out of the house, leaving him homeless to wander the beaches of San Diego. But it’s on the beach where he meets sexy surfer Drew Nolan. When Jake tells his story to Drew, Drew is shocked to hear that Jake is gay. When Jake asks if Drew is cool with it Drew tells Jake about finding his roommates going Marcus Day and Ricki Starr going at it in the back yard and it was so hot that he beat off to it. The two studs take turns sucking one another and then rimming each other. Drew finally blows his load while watching Marcus fuck Ricki.

Drew ends up asking Jake if he wants to crash at his place until he finds a place to stay, but when the clothes come off and the two blond surfers begin making out it’s obvious this isn’t going to be just a sleepover. After sucking Drew until he is rock hard Jake lets the surfer stud play with his ass and fuck him until he blows a creamy load all over his chest.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Twinks, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, and Jock

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