Beefcake Stories

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Jackson Ford

CAST: Anthony Agassi, Antonio York, Chris Taylor, Daxx Reed, Deacon Frost, Hans Ebson, Lee Walters, Marco Paris, and Pacco

Director Jackson Ford gets these hot muscle hunks to do more than work out at the gym.

You guessed it! They work over each other's stiff muscles between their legs as well!

The video starts off with ANTONIO taking a breather after his workout, when the extremely horny DAXX REED comes over and cruises him. After some initial chat, Antonio goes down on Daxx's hard cock and milks it with his mouth. As the two strip out of their workout gear, they admire each other's muscles and stiffies. Daxx goes down on Antonio's uncut pud, who pours cool water on his chest and in Daxx's mouth. Antonio gets his legs up and Daxx sticks his tongue in an out of the fuck hole. Antonio has Daxx bend over the table as he fingers the gym bunnies love canal before sticking his dick up inside. Next Daxx gets on the floor, and showing off his flexibility, flips his legs over and Antonio fucks him upside-down. The two finish up in the missionary position as Daxx shoots his big load with Antonio still inside of him, and then helps out his buddy by licking and sucking his balls to get Antonio to dump his load.

DEACON FROST and LEE WALTERS are jogging in the park when the two get the hornies and begin smooching and rubbing on each other. They stroke each other off before Lee drops to bended knee and sucks on Deacon's man pole. Deacon switch around and began sucking off his jogging partner, who thrusts his hips with force as he face fucks Deacon. Leaning up against a tree, Deacon gives up his cookie for Lee's pecker. He pumps the butt on command while Deacon diddles his joint. Lee lies on the ground and Deacon climbs on top as he milks Lee's cock with his tight love pucker. With legs spread and up in the air, Lee dives in deeper as he pumps Deacon's ass. The two then stand side-by-side and shoot their creamy jiz.

CHRIS TAYLOR is lying on top of a massage table waiting for cutie HANS EBSON to come and give his aching muscles relief. Hans begins to rub Chris' back and works down to his butt. He massages the two fuzzy mounds. Chris flips over and low and behold, he's got a boner. Leaving Hans no choice but to give his client relief first with his hand, then with his mouth. The two swap places and Chris is now going down on Hans' stiff cock. Bending over the massage table, Hans sticks his cock in Chris' hot ass. Hans slams it home as Chris lets out pleads and moans of pleasure. Hans wants to go deeper so he has Chris lie on the table and put his legs over his shoulders to get rammed harder before the two unleash their pent-up man juices.

Hispanic straight bodybuilder, PACCO, is up next. He brags about how all the gay guys can't help wanting him. He shows off his big muscles, which he is very proud of. He gets oiled up and begins his solo jack-off with the camera making love to his body. In the lobby of the gym, MARCO PARIS gets it on with personal trainer ANTHONY AGASSI. The two kiss and caress each other's bodies after a hard work out. They suck on each other's pert nipples and stiff pricks. The men move into a 69 and proceed to gobble down each other's cocks. Marco fingers fucks the shaved headed Anthony before sticking his dick up his ass and humps him doggy style. Anthony lies on his back as Marco continues to pump his cock in the tight ass until he's ready to dump a load. Both of them release their hot loads all over their sweat soaked bodies. No nonsense man-to-man sex!

KEYWORDS: Jockstrap, Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, Masturbation, Posing, J/O, and Jock

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