Bi Coastal

$ 29.95


STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: Lancer Brooks

CAST: David Ashfield, Troy Ramsey, Michael Mann, Ricky Turner, Cara Lott, Diedra Hopkins, Pat Manning, Deborah Luna, Tico Patterson, and Chris Allen

This remastered edition of the "shot on film" LANCER BROOKS pre-condom classic is a real crowd pleaser.  William Higgins stable of boys including DAVID ASHFIELD, MICHAEL MANN, RICKY TURNER, & TROY RAMSEY, go to town when the tables turn and there is a hot snatch in front of them.  Many of Higgin's boys were bi-sexual so to see them in their element with both a male and female co-star is a real treat. 

KEYWORDS: Daddies, Masturbation, Hairy, and Jock

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