Black Pack 1

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Flex Gamble, Paul Hanson, J.C. Carter, Spencer, Xavier McKnight, Taij, Toney Amoure, Catrock, Reeminatti, Antonio, Gortex, Louie, Derrick, Trey, Te-Spoon, Vito, Ray, G.Q., and James

A compilation of some of the best street trade New York City has to offer.

Scene 1: These guys waste no time getting started. Vito, Derrick and GQ are three beefy horny studs that start off dick diving and end up fucking until they cum.

Scene 2: James and Spencer are talking about their bitches and get worked up. Spencer mentions he’s into “experimenting and shit” and his attitude is that if it feels good. That’s all the green light that James need and he takes the lead sucking Spencer off and then letting him fuck his ass.

Scene 3: Trey comes in to be interviewed for his first video and is doing a photo shoot. He ends up getting so worked up he jacks off for the camera in a hot solo.

Scene 4: Louie and Gortex are watching a porno and talking shit with one another about how their girls aren’t giving it up. The trash talking leads to some playful wrestling and then some serious cocksucking. In the end Louie gives Gortex’s ass a pounding and then leaves him to jack off alone.

Scene 5: In a locker room, muscular stud Reeminatti is interviewed and then does a solo jack off to see if he can make the cut for other videos.

Scene 6:  J.C. Carter and Flex Gamble are two muscle guys and they are going at it right from the start, worshiping each other’s ripped bodies and sucking one another’s cocks. Flex bends J.C. over and plows his muscle butt hard until they both shoot their creamy white loads.

Scene 7: Back on the locker room set another rookie model named Catrock shows up for his interview and first solo. He poses for the camera and shows off his lean smooth body and then he strokes his thick uncut cock until he shoots a big load.

Scene 8: Antonio is hanging out at home when Toney Amoure shows up. After they talk each other up a bit Antonio starts to rub his dick through his pants. Toney gets the idea and takes over, caressing and licking Antonio’s chiseled torso. After getting Antonio worked up, Toney bends over and lets his buddy plow his ass until they both shoot their loads.

Scene 9: Another solo, this time staring Ray, who is kicking back in a chair just watching a porno. He takes his time whipping his dick and and slowly strokes his big meat until he busts a nut.

Scene 10: Te-Spoon finds Paul Hanson in a men’s room and Paul tells him he can do more than just look. Te-Spoon blows Paul’s big cock until he is rock hard and then takes every inch of him up his ass. When it’s all said and done, Te-Spoon drops to his knees and lets Paul blow a huge load all over his chest.

Scene 11 Xavier McKnight is watching some porn when Taij shows up and tells him he can do just as good of a job as the video. Xavier takes him up on the offer and Taij crawls up on the bed and goes to work licking and sucking his buddy. Taij know’s he’s got Xavier hooked and then offers his ass up for a fucking that leaves both men spent.

KEYWORDS: Rimming, Solo, Fetish, Muscle, 3 Way, 69, Blow Job, Masturbation, and Jock

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