Brazilian Payout

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Adriano Costa, Alexandre Pernambuco, Jean Carlos Souza, Ramon Gonzales, Rodrigo Kauffmann, Bruno De Moura, Alex Cerqueira, and Renato Alves

Some depts. never get paid but some guys always get laid! The setting is beautiful Rio DeJanerio. The action begins as ALEXANDRE PERNAMBUCO runs into RENATO ALVES. The two men head to the beach and soon Renato makes his move and kisses and caresses the handsome Alexandre. Alexandre tongues and sucks Renato's pert nipples and Renato goes for the uncut man meat and sucks on the cock and smooth man sack. Alexandre jerks his joint in Renato's mouth. The two expose each other's muscular butts followed by Alexandre going down on Renato. The two go back and forth sucking each other's cocks. Alexandre gives up the gold and bend over to take in Renato's boner on top of a rock. The action then moves to Alexandre sitting on Renato's dick and going for a ride. The two finish their love making with Alexandre's legs up in the air and Renato pounding away. Alexandre dumps his load first with Renato shooting on Alexandre's leg. The two finish with a smooch and a dip in the water. RAMON GONZALES and ALEX CERQUEIRA go walking and find themselves on the same beach. The two play grabby with each other's crotches and kiss sweetly. They undress and Alex sucks dick before getting rimmed by Ramon. Ramon spread the sweet cheeks and fingers the hole before sticking his meat in. Ramon fucks his newfound friend doggy style and then gives it to Alex missionary and finishing him off with a banging on a blanket. Ramon shoots his load on top of Alex and splits the scene. PAULO CAMILO daSILVA and ADRIANO COSTA get their groove on in the bedroom. The two go at each other like horn dogs, kissing and ripping off each other's cloths. Adriano chows down on his buddy's uncut cock and licks his shaven balls. He takes the hard on down his throat and sucks with a hunger. Paulo slams his dick to the back of Adriano's throat before he bends him over the headboard and tongue fucks the tight fuck hole. The two studs go back to smooching then move back to more butt munching. Adriano sits on Paulo's big boner and get a hefty woody himself. He bounces on his fuck buddy, massaging the cock with his eager manhole. Adriano strokes himself with each pump of Paulo's dick. He then gives up the good and hikes his ass up in the air for Paulo's to plunge deeper into his ass moving to the headboard again and spreading his legs wide. The two men stroke to a climax with the top man shooting on his hungry bottom. The final scene hunky RAMON GONZALES climbs through a window only to find two sex studs, RODRIGO KAUFFMAN and BRUNO de MOURA living in bed ready to go at it. They grab Ramon and hold him against his wishes until they start to man handle him with kisses and crotch grabbing. Rodrigo and Bruno strip Ramon and are quick to sucking off his stiffy, with Ramon joining in with the dick smoking. Rodrigo sucks the smooth ball sack and chows down on the pretty uncut pecker. Some butt munching ensues and teasing of assholes with fingers. Rodrigo gives up his rose bud first, still being the greedy cocksucker on Ramon's prick along with Bruno. Bruno gets the urge to stick his prick up an ass, so Ramon gives it up while still pumping away at Rodrigo. The three sex pigs cum buckets of hot man juice. Sexy, steamy Brazilian man action!


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