Bridegrooms Cherry

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STUDIO: All Worlds Video

DIRECTOR: Jeff Kincaid

CAST: Kevin Kramer, Mark Steel, Michael Ashley, Michael Brawn, and Ted Matthews

Michael Brawn is the husband-to-be in this classic All Worlds Video title. His groomsmen Kevin Kramer, Mark Steele, Ted Matthews and Michael Ashley take him out for a drunken night of celebration.

When Michael passes out on his bed, the groomsmen decide that the fun isn’t over for the night and strip Michael down. They take turns sucking his cock, fingering his ass. When he is caught up in the heat of it, Michael starts sucking his buddy’s cocks and rimming their asses.

The groomsmen are just getting started though and they shove an enema up Michael’s ass and fill him up and stretch him out. The guys bust out a box of dildos and go to town working his ass over with them.

By the time the guys get done working Michael over with the dildos he is begging to be fucked. One by one the guys start taking turns pounding his virgin ass, showing him how real men fuck. When Michael finally shoots his load his buddies have a shot glass ready to catch every last drop of his cum and they feed it to him.

While the guys sleep off their hangovers, Mark Steele gets Michael worked up for one last round of sex where the two make out and take turns sucking one another until they are both good and hard again. Since all of his friends have had a good time with his ass already Michael decides to fuck his buddy Mark and show him that he really knows how to please!

When the wedding day comes, Michael’s new wife knows all about her husband’s newfound taste for cock and arranges a wedding day surprise for him. A gang bang and all of his buddies are invited!

KEYWORDS: Straight, Spanking, Muscle, 3 Way, Blow Job, Masturbation, Group, Hairy, and Jock

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