Cockpit 1 & 2

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STUDIO: Catalina Video

DIRECTOR: Brad Austin

CAST: Chad Hunt, Michael Brandon, Alex Manning, Brad McGuire, Caesar, Dante Foxx, Deacon Frost, Eduardo, Erik Michaels, Graham, Haven Philips, Jack Sanders, Jake Summers, Jaime, Jay Paxton, Joe Kennedy, Julian Houston, Kurt Wagner, Mark Bruno, Michelangelo Risi, Mike Radcliffe, Paul Dawson, Raul Tasco, Rick Hollander, Sam Burton, Sam Crockett, Steve Rambo, Todd Shore, Tony Acosta, and Tuck Johnson

When Catalina Exclusive STEVE RAMBO boards a flight from Los Angeles you can bet your bottom dollar that everybody on that plane IS GOING DOWN!  This amazing double feature DVD gives you the most bang for your buck! After crash landing COCKPIT 2 follows the survivors as they try to reach civilization, but standing in their way is a crazy, horny, hillbilly family who can't believe their luck when this well hung group of passengers literally drops in their lap!

KEYWORDS: Latin, Rimming, Daddies, Muscle, 69, Blow Job, Group, Hairy, and Jock

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