Dirk Yates Private Collection 249

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STUDIO: Dirk Yates

DIRECTOR: Dirk Yates

CAST: Kelly Wells, Eric Evans, Sean Summers, Sean Michaels, Larry, Vicky, Cowboy, Mike LaMadera, and Princess Stephanie

Kelly Wells, one of the stars of Bi-Back Mountain, took a little trip to San Diego to spend a weekend with Dirk and entertain the troops. Kelly is kicking back in some sexy lingerie when she gets introduced to Henry. He’s a smooth muscle guy with a tribal tattoo on his arm and his cock is rock hard and ready. While they are going at it a second Marine, Justin, shows up in a cowboy hat. Kelly doesn’t stop sucking on Henry while he is getting undressed and all three of them quickly end up on the bed together naked. While Kelly is busy sucking Justin off Henry slips a condom on and quickly slides his cock deep in her. He doesn’t waste any time and starts banging her hard. The guys take turns playing with Kelly one on one. Henry finishes the scene shooting a huge load of cum all over Kelly’s face and in her hair.

The next threesome pairs “Princess Stephanie” with Louis Carp and Sean Spencer. Stephanie calls them her “Butt Boys” and she makes her boys strip down for her. She takes turns sucking both their cocks getting them good and hard. Once they are fired up and ready to go, Louis and Sean take turns fucking Stephanie in every position imaginable. Both of the guys shoot their loads on Stephanie who is more than happy to be covered in their gooey cum.

Vicky stops by Dirk’s place and he’s got two hot guys lined up for her. The first is Eric, a beefy stud with a goatee and the other is Sean, a lean muscular guy. Eric dives in and is having a great time eating Vicky’s pussy. She takes over and sucks his thick cock for a minute. Before long his face is back between her legs and she is loving every minute of it. Sean jumps in to join the fun and his fingers find their way into her wet pussy. Vicky starts writhing around on the bed while she sucks Eric’s dick. Eric is the first to fuck Vicky and then while she is riding his cock she decides she wants more. Sean slips on a rubber and takes his shot at her. The guys take turns fucking until they both bust their loads on Vicky who is worn out from all of the fucking.

KEYWORDS: Military, Solo, Fetish, Straight, 3 Way, Masturbation, Uniforms, Caucasian, Posing, Jock, and Amateur

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