Double Czech: Twins In Lust

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STUDIO: William Higgins

DIRECTOR: William Higgins

CAST: Adam Richter, Dlouhan, Konrad Richter, Libor Kenda, Milan Jusko, Rudolf Schneider, and Thomas Dyk

Identical twins Adam and Konrad Richter are back in the latest Double Czech film from director William Higgins. It's a beautiful day in the verdant eastern european countryside and the brothers decide to take a picnic on a walk in the beautiful outdoors. Instead of eating a pack lunch they start nibbling on each other and their lust pushes them into a brotherly flip flop incestuous fuck. Amazingly built muscle stud Rudolf Schneider discovers them taking sunbathing in the nude! The twins help oil up his entire body including his thick uncut cock. Rudolf impales them both with a long two headed dildo he brought with him before power fucking them. Stopping at a farm for a quick rinse, the twins meet hot farmboy Thomas Dyk. Thomas can't keep his mouth off of them as he alternates between sucking their cocks and eating their holes before he train fucks one twin while he fucks his brother. The grapes are in season at Milan Jusko's vineyard and the brothers delight in eating them off his ripped body. Both twins receive a rough ass slapping fuck as Milan pounds their tight holes. The movie culiminates with a hot foursome as the twins are joined by Libor Kenda and Dlouhan. Both twins are fucked in unison by the studs before the final messy cumshot that leaves them sticky and spent.

KEYWORDS: International, Muscle, Feet, Caucasian, Group, Incest, and Eastern European

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