Sex Trek In Brazil

$ 29.95


STUDIO: All Worlds Video


CAST: Alex Santos, Denis Boy, Frank Lemos, Pedro Paulo, Robson Moreno, Alex Jr., Luis Rodrigues, Victor Henrique, and Wesley Cabral

Pal Productions of Brazil brings more of those over heated, sexy and uncut Brazilian studs to your screen!

The action begins with ALEX JR. and DENIS BOY going on a tour of a train museum. The two cruise each other and go off to a secluded part of the museum and go at it. The two sexy men kiss deeply and take off their shirts, exposing their smooth, brown muscular bodies. Denis Boy works his way down to Alex Jr's nipple and soon finds himself gulping down the big, uncut cock. He sucks his balls and gently strokes the cock before placing it back in his mouth. In no time, Denis sits on Alex's stiffy and takes a ride, milking the cock with his love canal. Denis lies on his side and Alex gets deeper penetration and pumps Denis with a force before fucking him doggy style and finishing up with the hot bottom on his back. The two men explode gobs of hot cum.

At an old train station, ALEX SANTOS and VITOR HENRIQUE strike up a conversation. The two sneak inside the building and go directly to work on the dick sucking. Vitor gets on all fours with his ass high up in the air and Alex humps his tight ass. The butt action then moves with Vitor sitting on the big, fat dick and taking a ride before lying on his back with his legs spread wide. The two-fuck bunnies finish up with Vitor getting Alex's cum dumped on his smooth chest.

Mean while, back at the train museum, WESLEY CABRAL and ROBSON MORENO cruise each other in the gift shop. The two men find a private spot and strip, exposing tight, muscular bodies. The two men kiss and caress each other and soon work their way down to pert nipple and engorged cocks. Robson takes the massive man meat to the back of his throat. He plays and taunts the thick chocolate foreskin with his wet mouth. Robson gets down on all fours and Wesley mounts him like a stallion in heat, slapping his big balls against his ass with every wave. Wesley has Robson lies on his side and scissor fucks the eager bottom, who strokes his meat before sitting down on the prick. The two continue to fuck with every position possible before spurting hot, creamy man juices.

LUIS, PEDRO and FRANK take a stroll around the premises. The trio goes to a secluded place and begin their 3-way man action. The men rub each other's muscular chest and soon lick and suck on hard nipples. Pedro goes to work sucking off Luis while Frank stuffs his tootsie roll in Pedro's mouth as well, leaving Pedro with two dicks to lick. Next Pedro and Luis double suck on Frank's erection with eager lips and tongues. Pedro gets a tongue licking in his ass hole before getting fucked by the first of the two Latin hunks. The two tops thank the frisky bottom by shooting their cum all over him.

Totally Brazilian, totally hot, totally a must have for any lover of Latin men!

KEYWORDS: Latin and Caucasian

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